Q: What is Haematology?
A: Haematology is an exciting discipline which encompasses both clinical and laboratory aspects of
primary disorders of the blood as well as how other diseases affect the blood. Primary haematological
diseases include the various forms of leukaemia and lymphoma, some forms of anaemia and diverse blood clotting disorders. Transfusion medicine also falls into the specialty of haematology.

Q: What does a Haematologist do?
A: Haematologists are not only involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with diseases of the blood, but are also often consulted to provide advice on the diagnosis and management of patients where a particular disease causes blood related problems. As a result of this dual role, haematologists take an active role in every stage
of a patient’s management, from initial clinic visit to laboratory assessment/diagnosis and finally to treatment.
Haematologists also supervise blood transfusion services and take a supervisory role in the management of haematology laboratories.