Genetic / Clinical Services

Clinical Genetic Services

Clinical genetic services are medical services that specialise in genetics. A Clinical Geneticist is a medical doctor who has trained in genetics as a specialty, they can perform a physical examination and make genetic diagnoses. A Genetic Counsellor is an allied health professional who has post-graduate qualifications specialising in medical genetics and counselling, they provide information about genetic conditions, and help you make informed decisions.

Genetic Services of Western Australia (GSWA) is the sole provider of clinical genetic services in Western Australia. GSWA provides a state-wide service from King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and have a network of clinics in metropolitan Perth as well as a network of outreach clinics in country areas (Bunbury, Albany, Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie and Geraldton).

Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is the provision of information and support regarding genetic disorders, birth anomalies, health concerns or test results relating to the individual or their family. This may involve the diagnosis of a genetic condition and supportive counselling to assist decision making and the adjustment process that occurs when a condition is new to a family or individual. Genetic counselling may occur via the telephone or by appointment where the family or individual attends a genetic clinic.

Additional services such as prenatal diagnosis, carrier detection, predictive testing and newborn screening services are often important components of the genetic counselling process and provide valuable information to the individual, family and health professionals.

Support Services

There are many support services available for those impacted by genetic and rare conditions including disability services, advocacy services, government agencies and respite. GaRDN has published a guide outlining a range of useful services and resources that may be relevant to individuals impacted by genetic conditions.

GaRDN is the genetic support network for Western Australia. Below is a list of links to other genetic support networks around Australasia:

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